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Are sleepless nights and unpredictable naps leaving you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? You're not alone and you've come to the right place.


We understand the unique challenges every parent faces. Let's navigate this journey together and transform your little one's sleep. Your family's well-being is our passion, and together we can find a sleep solution that feels right for you.

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Lack of sleep starting to take its toll? We hear you!


Specialising in...


✓ Catnapping

✓ Frequent night waking

✓ Split nights

✓ Early Rising

✓ Bedtime Battles

✓ Transitioning from co-sleeping to cot

✓ Night weaning (when appropriate)

✓ Establishing flexible routines

✓ Sleep training

✓ Sleep education and more.

Mind Body Sleep is a boutique baby sleep consultancy nestled in the leafy suburbs of Sydney's Northern Beaches.


We pride ourselves in offering a private, friendly, tailor-made approach to your little one's sleep needs. We understand your sleep goals may be different to those around you, so we will take the time to get to know your family and what successful, sustainable sleep means to you.

If you are ready for change. We are here to guide you on that journey. 

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Personalised Support that makes a difference

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all sleep advice that leaves you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.


Our team of experienced infant sleep consultants take the time to understand your baby's unique sleep challenges, and we work together with you to create a sleep plan that feels like a natural extension of your nurturing care.


Through this personalised approach, we empower you with the tools and confidence to guide your baby towards the peaceful sleep they need and deserve.


Do you find yourself constantly falling down the Google rabbit hole? Why not ask a pro?!

✓ Assessment of your current sleep situation using a pre-screening questionnaire.

60 minute personalised sleep Q&A session!

Ask us ANYTHING. This could be just general chit-chat about all those little questions that keep popping up. Or getting down to the nitty-gritty and delving deep into the what, why, and how of a specific sleep situation.

✓ Access granted to Routine Roadmap and Successful Settling Suite.


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Sleep Saver Session

We'll work together to create a sleep strategy specifically designed for your family.

✓ Assessment of your current sleep situation using a pre-screening questionnaire.

60 minute strategy session over the phone to discuss concerns and create personalised solutions.

Summary of key points discussed sent to your inbox.

✓ Access granted to Routine Roadmap and Successful Settling Suite.

✓ Two weeks of close follow up support while you implement changes.

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Home Support

The ultimate support package!

✓ Assessment of your current sleep situation using a pre-screening questionnaire.

✓ Home visit to discuss concerns, create personalised solutions, and hands on help with settling.

✓ Summary of key points discussed sent to your inbox.

✓ Two weeks of close follow up support while you implement changes.

Options include:

  • Daytime (2hrs)
  • Bedtime (2hrs)
  • Half night (6hrs)
  • Full night (12hrs)

(Suitable for little ones aged 4 months - 3 years)

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Ideal for returning families who need a refresher or for help resolving minor sleep issues.

✓ 30 minute express phone consultation.

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Sleep Shaping (0-3 months)

Not only can you  survive the newborn months, you can THRIVE!

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Better sleep for the entire family (4-18 months)

Your baby can learn to love sleep as much as you do!

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Made-for-you routines that grow with your baby

The ultimate routine guide that offers versatility and flexibility!

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Guide your baby from snuggles to solo settling

Proven responsive settling methods to help your baby become a confident sleeper!

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Ultimate support without the hefty price tag

Let us hold you up and cheer you on through sleep training, regressions, naps transitions and more!

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Nice to meet you!

Hi, I'm Caroline,

mum of four, founder, and head consultant at Mind Body Sleep. I am deeply passionate about supporting families through the early years parenting.

Sleep plays such an important role in our physical and mental well-being. I love being able to provide guidance, support, and solutions to parents, empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to transform their little one's sleep.



Caroline has been nothing short of amazing. She has been so supportive in helping me with my 4 month old twins. Checking in on us after our home visit she was with us every step of the way. My daughters went from catnapping not in the cot, waking multiple times through the night. Now they are doing 3 naps a day in their cot with no assistance getting to sleep and sleeping from 6.30pm till 7am!!! I just put them in their cots and off they go.
She is so supportive, informative and knowledgeable. I can not recommend her enough, I wish I found her when I was having trouble with my son.
Thanks so much again Caroline you're a life saver.


Caroline has saved me (or at least my sanity) twice! She helped me with my first baby and then 2.5 years later with my second. Not only was her advice spot on and helped with the sleep issues my babies were having, but she was so kind and reassuring when I was clearly falling apart from stress and exhaustion. If I could give her 6 stars I would. I couldn’t recommend her more!


We were in a bad place until Caroline came to the rescue. Within a few days our 5 month old went from being fed to sleep and waking every hour through the night to self settling and waking only once or twice a night for a feed. We were co-sleeping out of desperation but she now sleeps happily all night in her cot. Caroline was so responsive and tailored the approach we took to suit bubs temperament and our comfort level. If you’re struggling with sleep I can’t recommend Caroline highly enough!


Caroline is not your average sleep consultant - As a mum of four she deeply understands and sympathises with where you’re at. ​ In a single consult Caroline helped me identify my baby’s unique needs and gave me customised solutions that made an enormous difference immediately. ​ She is kind, realistic, flexible & compassionate. With a holistic approach she’s almost a hybrid sleep consultant/therapist because she went beyond just supporting my baby, she and supported me as a mum. ​ I felt heard and understood through the whole process, my concerns were respected, she gave me numerous choices so I felt in control and able to stay within my ‘attachment parenting’ boundaries with love. ​ We’re a much happier household with a baby (and a mum) who sleep through the night, 9 long months later! Whooo! Wish I had called her with my first bub! Best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you Caroline!

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