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Meet the Dream Team

Caroline - Founder/Head Consultant


Hi I'm Caroline, mum of four gorgeous little souls and internationally certified infant and child  sleep consultant.

I am deeply passionate about supporting families through the early years of parenting. I have been that severely sleep deprived parent and can truly empathise with struggling families.

Sleep plays such an important role in our physical and mental well-being. I love being able to provide guidance, support, and solutions to parents, empowering them with the knowledge and tools they need to transform their little one's sleep.

Amy - Sleep Consultant


Hey! I'm Amy, an internationally certified infant and child sleep consultant and proud mum to two wonderful boys.

My journey into the world of sleep consulting began with my own experience as a parent. Learning about all things sleep and the challenges that can come along with it after having my first boy ignited my passion for helping other families find peace and rest through their sleep journeys. I offer a holistic approach to sleep coaching, tailored to the unique needs of each family and child.

Alongside working with families on sleep, you'll often find me in my happy place at a park with my two boys, enjoying a coffee and handing out many snacks. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. 

Let's work together to create a sleep solution that works for you and your little ones. 

Jaime - Sleep Consultant


Hi there! I’m Jaime, internationally certified baby sleep consultant and Mother to my gorgeous daughter.

I worked in the childcare industry for over 10 years and took a keen interest in the aspect of baby sleep. This led me to pursue further studies to become a certified consultant.

I have helped families here in Australia and all over the world to find the sleep they need and deserve through a holistic approach.

I am focused on what is best for the entire family so my consultations are personalised providing strategies that you feel comfortable with to help your baby sleep well both day and night.

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