$395.00 AUD

Terms and Conditions

  • I agree to follow AAP SIDS safe sleeping guidelines.
  • If I have any concerns regarding my child’s health and/or any medical conditions, I agree to consult my GP or specialist prior to commencing any sleep training to gain approval.
  • I agree to disclose any medical conditions my child has to Mind Body Sleep.
  • I agree to the information around my child being used in case studies. All identifying information including names can be changed upon request.
  • I agree to pay the invoice in full by the due date to secure my appointment and understand that Mind Body Sleep will not provide any services until payment is received. I agree that no refunds are available for change of mind once I have received my phone/home consultation or sleep assessment/plan.
  • Cancellations less than 48hr prior to a scheduled phone or home consultation will only be offered a 50% refund. Cancellations more than 48hrs prior to a scheduled phone or home consultation will receive a full refund minus a $10 administration fee.
  • I agree that in the event of unforeseen circumstances such as illness, my consultation can be placed on hold, however, must be recommenced within one month to receive full support.
  • I agree that it is my responsibility to fill out detailed daily logs as required and return them to Mind Body Sleep to review to make the most of my follow up support.
  • I understand that my sleep assessment/plan has been customised for my baby and should not be shared with a third party.
  • The first 20km of travel each way is included. An additional $1 per extra kilometre will be charged for home consultations and coffee group chats.
  • Mind Body Sleep only makes suggestions of change. I agree that any changes I make to my child’s sleeping or eating arrangements is my responsibility.

By ticking, I agree to all Mind Body Sleep’s Terms and Conditions.


Want to take your support to the next level?

Add on an extra week of close 1:1 mentoring while you take those first steps of implementing the changes to your sleep approach.

$120AUD per week

(NOTE: The Sleep Saver package already includes 2 week of support)

Support entails;

- Access to a specialised tracking app that gives us live updates when you log your daily activities and sleep.

- Daily log review, feedback and all questions answered (Mon-Sat).

Sleep Saver Session

Better sleep is just one click away.

What you'll get:

  • Assessment of your current sleep situation using a pre-screening questionnaire. Link provided after check out.

  • 60 minute strategy session over the phone to discuss concerns and create personalised solutions.

  • Summary of key points discussed sent straight to your inbox.

  • Access granted to Routine Roadmap and Successful Settling Suite (if not already purchased).
  • Two weeks of close follow up to  support you while you start implementing changes.

Upon purchase you will be able to schedule your appointment.

Please send us an email to [email protected] if you'd like to enquire about availability before booking.

What People Are Saying:

We contacted Caroline when our 5m bub hadn’t been sleeping well for about a month and it had gotten to the point where he was waking every hour overnight and I was feeding every time, plus we had no consistency with day naps. Caroline was an absolute angel! Within one week we had our bub putting himself to sleep and only feeding twice a night (and putting himself to sleep if he woke up otherwise). Caroline gave me a plan that worked for our family and support for one week that gave me the confidence to stick to the plan and troubleshoot any issues that popped up. Honestly could not have turned my little man’s sleep around without her. Highly recommend!

Julia and 5 month old Lucas

Caroline is not your average sleep consultant - As a mum of four she deeply understands and sympathises with where you’re at. ​ In a single consult Caroline helped me identify my baby’s unique needs and gave me customised solutions that made an enormous difference immediately. ​ She is kind, realistic, flexible & compassionate. With a holistic approach she’s almost a hybrid sleep consultant/therapist because she went beyond just supporting my baby, she and supported me as a mum. ​ I felt heard and understood through the whole process, my concerns were respected, she gave me numerous choices so I felt in control and able to stay within my ‘attachment parenting’ boundaries with love. ​ We’re a much happier household with a baby (and a mum) who sleep through the night, 9 long months later! Whooo! Wish I had called her with my first bub! Best money I’ve ever spent (although she’s very affordable!) Thank you Caroline!

Caroline and 9 month old Harlan

Caroline has literally “saved our sleep”. I wish I had reached out earlier to her, my baby went from being totally assisted to sleep to independently do it. My LO also reduced the night wakes and we were able to establish routine and structure. I can now have some predictability and plan my days. Caroline & her program worth every penny so if you are struggling with sleep don’t keep searching information online just contact her and I promise you will never look back again!

Fernanda and 4 month old Esther

I can’t rate Caroline enough! I was struggling with my baby’s sleep. He would only sleep if I slept with him and he had to be fed to sleep. I loved sleeping with him but after a while it was really affecting me by not having enough sleep as he was waking every 2-3 hours and he wouldn’t sleep during the day. I needed guidance with a routine as well. Caroline was so quick at creating one for Archer and gave me heaps of tips to help Archer get more decent sleep which meant I did too! Archer now sleeps great at night and during the day. I feel human again!

Erin and 6 month old Archer

I reached out to Caroline after being recommended by another mum. My son (6 months old) was waking every hour or two at night, and consistently kept this up for 6 weeks until I couldn’t take it any more. Caroline responded quickly and sent me a personalised plan for Blake within 48 hours which I commenced straight away. Day 1 he was a complete different baby! I now have a baby who only wakes once or twice a night and I now realise all the small things he does when he’s tired or over tired that I was missing. Can not recommend Caroline higher. I have a happy, sleeping baby! Thank you for helping me so much.

Haley and 6 month old Blake

I can not recommend Caroline highly enough and would not hesitate to use her for any future issues that may arise, I would keep her in my pocket forever if I could. She is professional, prompt and efficient. Nothing was ever too difficult for her. The entire experience was personalised to suit us and what we were comfortable with. Caroline is a wealth of knowledge and delivers it in an easy to understand manner and exercised great patience when things weren’t going exactly to plan for us. Our sleep has improved in so many ways, day and night. She has helped change our lives for the better and I can’t thank her enough!

Madison and 8 month old Daisy

Thank you Caroline for helping me navigate James’ transition from being breastfed during the night to becoming an independent sleeper. James learnt to self settle and now he sleeps through the night. After often being up almost every 2 hours, I am feeling so much better with more sleep. Thank you for your wise and gentle guidance.

Sophie and 11 month old James

I would highly recommend hiring Caroline. We reached out to her when our son was 5 months old. He was catnapping during the day and waking up multiple times overnight. We were getting so confused with all the conflicting information you read online. Caroline worked with us on a plan and gave us the confidence to stick to it. Within the two weeks of working with her, our son was following a perfect nap schedule and getting a long restorative nap in daily, and he mostly sleeps through the night. Thank you so much for helping us enjoy being new parents!

Whitney and 5 month old Ben