Happy Families


Saara and Baby F - 9 weeks

"I approached Caroline at 9 weeks. As much as I loved my beautiful newborn little boy, I was a tired emotional wreck as he just would not sleep day or night and always seemed unhappy. Caroline helped me see tired signs I had missed, explained how long he should be awake for, and helped put a guide together to when our little man should be sleeping and for how long. I always had so many questions and she responded promptly with a wealth of knowledge. She has gone above and beyond to help. I definitely feel we have a bright happy boy and one happy mumma because of her help. At 12 weeks I now sit here writing this enjoying my coffee as my boy has slept the last 2 hours in his bassinet without any resettling needed from me! Day sleeps are now fantastic when they had previously been non existent and an absolute battle, whilst nights are greatly improving."