Silver Package

For families who are unsure where to begin, need a plan to follow and a little support to start making changes.



  • A detailed questionnaire for you to fill out prior to our initial phone call letting me know about you and your baby and your current sleep concerns

  • 45-60 minute phone consultation to discuss details and strategies which you feel comfortable with.

  • A comprehensive sleep assessment and bespoke sleep plan tailor made to suit your parenting style and your baby's temperament, emailed to you after our intial phone consultation.

  • One week of support including several additional short phone calls, log reviews and feedback.

  • A debreif on your last day of support summarising your progress and information on how to deal with future obstacles.

  • Bonus Feed and Sleep Routines up to 3 years.


I will contact you shortly after purchasing with all your booking information and to schedule a time for your phone consultation - keep an eye on your junkmail if you don't see anything come through within 24hrs of purchase.



Silver Package


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