Feed and Sleep Routines - 3 Weeks to 3 Years

Lacking routine? 


This guide provides comprehensive feed and sleep routines for newborns 3 weeks old through to toddlers 3 years old.


Perfect for families who love routine but don't know where to start.


Do you have a toddler and a newborn? This one guide will help you set up routines for both!


The suggested routines work in line with your little one's natural sleep rhythms to help acheive more restorative sleep.


  • Help tackle early morning wakes
  • Know when to transition to fewer naps
  • Encourage longer, restorative naps and sleep overnight.
  • Best times for milk feeds and when to offer solids
  • Help prevent over tiredness which can contribute frequent night wakes and resistance to settling.


Purchase and download instatntly to start your new routine today!


Please note: This guide does not include settling methods.


Feed and Sleep Routines - 3 Weeks to 3 Years


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