Your Sleep Matters

Let’s forget about the kids for a minute. What about you? When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed and not needing coffee to function? Do you remember what it feels like to have undisturbed sleep every night? No? Not many parents do… but that doesn’t mean you don’t need good restorative sleep, just like your baby.

Obviously if your baby is awake, you are awake too… I can help you with that! But what happens after your baby is consistently sleeping through the night, and you’re not?

Here are some tips for helping you reach your solid 8hrs a night.


Studies show that cortisol (stress hormone) rises by a staggering 37% after one night of insufficient sleep. This leaves you in an over tired state feeling wired or anxious and you are more likely to sleep poorly the following night, and the cycle continues.

So, take the time to unwind before bed. Take the night off doing the household chores and try some meditation before turning in for an early night.

Bedtime Routine

Just like your baby, having a wind down routine will prepare you for sleep so you’re not laying in bed staring at the ceiling for hours. Dim the lights and engage in some quiet activities like reading. The blue light from screens blocks the natural production of melatonin (sleepy hormone), so turn off the television and avoid looking at your phone or tablet in the hour leading up to bed. You’ll also give yourself the chance to switch off from external stressors if you disconnect from social media and work emails.

Cut down on caffeine and sugar and get outside

Daytime energy should be a consequence of sleep, not by fuelling up on copious amount of caffeine and sugar. These artificial energy boosters will keep you going temporarily but the come down is hard and can leave you feeling even more depleted.

Instead, get outside. Sunshine and exercise promote the production of serotonin (wakeful hormone), it’s also known as the happy hormone. So, not only will you feel more refreshed, you’ll feel uplifted as well. The benefits don’t end there. Serotonin is converted into melatonin in the evenings when it gets dark, so plenty of time outside enjoying the sunshine during the day will help you fall asleep and sleep well that night.

Look after you

How you look after yourself matters. If you are running on empty, you won’t have much left to give to others. So, prioritise your sleep, as well as your baby’s. A well-rested family is a happy family.

If you feel you need help navigating your little one’s sleep, so you can work on your own sleep, contact me today.

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