Finding a routine for baby number four – A case study of 9 month old Sarah

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Sarah is the youngest of four children, so it’s safe to say her Mum, Abby, has her work cut out for her. Life is busy with school drop offs, after school activities, weekend sport and looking after a toddler and baby at home.

"I truly believe a lot of her struggles were due to not been given the opportunity to have a routine."

Abby struggled to get Sarah into a routine while juggling family life. Sarah would fall asleep in the car on school drop offs, often having the nap cut short. During the day Abby would try to settle Sarah in the cot, but by the time she fell asleep it was time to get up to go collect the older kids from school again.

Abby knew this was an unsustainable cycle of sleep for poor Sarah and it was starting to take its toll on everyone. Sarah was not a happy baby anymore and her inconsistent day sleep was usually followed by a night of frequent wakes needing to be breastfed back to sleep.

“Besides how exhausting her irregular sleeping was, I started to become concerned as I noticed she had become grumpy, clingy and constantly looked tired. She never woke up happy.”

What Abby needed was a routine that worked for her family. We looked at Abby’s schedule and made a plan so Sarah could have a short morning nap that timed with school drop off. We then adjusted her awake time to put her down for her midday nap earlier so she wasn’t overtired and resisting sleep. This resulted in Sarah settling a lot faster and being able to achieve a long restorative sleep in her cot before needing to leave home again in the afternoon.

Abby also worked on teaching Sarah to self-settle in her cot instead of being breastfed to sleep, and by night two she had gone from waking every few hours to sleeping through the night.

Sarah was now getting so much more sleep both day and night that she was back to being a happy and content baby and Abby was also more well rested which made a huge difference in how she felt with tackling her crazy busy day with four kids.

“She is definitely a happier baby now she is getting regular sleep & I’ve learnt so much.”

As we know, life with kids is never straight forward, so I also left Abby with a contingency plan. Abby felt empowered by her new understanding of Sarah’s sleep needs, so the stress was taken away knowing she had a back-up plan if for any reason the day didn’t go as expected.

“Caroline was my saving grace when it came to getting my 9 month old to sleep. I went from feeding a few times through the night to her sleeping straight through in no time. Best thing I ever did.“

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*The names in this article have been changed.

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