CASE STUDY - 9 week old, Keo

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

When Natasha* contacted me, her days were a constant battle of trying to settle her 9 week old baby, Keo* to sleep. Once she managed to get him off to sleep, he was only catnapping and needed to be constantly held all day. He was still feeding every 2 hours, day and night, and was often difficult to settle in the early hours of the morning. Natasha was also concerned as he seemed to suffer a lot from wind pain.

We discussed that Keo’s wind discomfort may be caused by the frequent feeding and that he was likely not always hungry but seeking comfort due to being overtired. We began by focusing on Keo’s awake times between naps to reduce his over tiredness and help him achieve better sleep during the day. We also started working on settling him in the bassinet for one nap a day.

Over our two weeks together, Keo adapted really well to the new nap routine and became easier to settle. He also started to link sleep cycles, and when he didn’t, Natasha was able to resettle him easily.

By getting Keo on a more regular eat, play sleep routine we saw his feeds naturally start to stretch out to 3 to 4 hourly which greatly improved his discomfort from wind, and he was overall a much happier baby.

The improvements we made with Keo’s sleep during the day also had a positive impact on his night sleep. He began to stretch his overnight feeds to four hourly and his early morning wakes stopped.

Natasha is now able to settle Keo in his bassinet for all his naps and he sleeps for hours at a time. She is thrilled to be able to have time to herself during the day while Keo sleeps peacefully in his bassinet.

One very happy (and well rested) Mum and baby.

(*Names have been changed)

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