Case Study - 7 month old Aria

7 month old Aria* was born 5 weeks premature and suffered from reflux. Adjusting to life with a new baby is not so easy at the best of times, but Aria’s mum was doing an amazing job with the additional challenges that had been thrown her way.

Aria was a serial catnapper. She was stuck in a cycle of 30 minute naps which would often lead to a very early bedtime as she would be exhausted by the end of the day. Even though Aria would then sleep a solid 11-12 hours overnight, she was waking too early to start her day.

Mum was at a loss. They had tried several sleep methods, asked for advice from family, friends and midwives. Nothing seemed to be working.

Firstly, we made sure Aria’s reflux was properly managed and under guidance of her paediatrician so we could be sure she wasn’t in any pain. From there we put together a plan than Mum was comfortable with and suited Aria’s temperament, taking into consideration her corrected age due to being premature.

We changed the structure of Aria’s daytime routine and started to teach her how to replace her own dummy to help extend her naps. Within four days of making these simple changes, Aria was no longer catnapping. With that, we were able to shift Aria’s bedtime, so she was still sleeping up to 12 hours overnight but was now waking closer to 7am to start her day.

Aria is now getting the restorative sleep she needs during the day and her routine is so much more manageable for the entire family.

Here's what Aria's Mum had to say.

"After trialling several sleep methods with our 7 month old, Caroline helped us find success with our 5.30am wake ups & day catnapping within only 4 days, through email and a plan. We’ve ended up with a much happier baby & mummy! Thank you Caroline!"

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