Case Study - 5 month old Maeve (Cot refusal to independent sleeper)

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

5 months old Maeve would not sleep for longer than 30 minutes in her cot both day and night. This meant that mum was needing to hold Maeve for ALL her naps and they had resorted to co-sleeping overnight just so everyone could get some semblance of sleep.

When Maeve’s mum contacted me, she was exhausted and at a loss. She felt like she was missing out on life, especially as she couldn’t spend any one-on-one time with her 2.5 year old. What they were doing was simply not sustainable.

We put together a plan that mum was comfortable with and made some adjustments to Maeve’s routine and introduced a new settling method.

We started with small goals of settling Maeve in her cot for one nap a day and at bedtime. We also decided to keep two overnight feeds as Maeve had not yet started solids.

Within a week Maeve and her mum had well and truly smashed these goals. Maeve was self-settling like a champ and was having both her morning and lunch naps in her cot. Mum finally had time to play with her toddler.

Maeve was also sleeping the entire night in her cot in her parent's room with a maximum of two feeds, some nights she would only wake once.

This family was ready for change and their patience and commitment towards setting up healthy sleep habits has made such a positive impact on their day to day lives.

Here's what Maeve's mum had to say;

"I reached out to Caroline to help with my daughter’s sleep as I was having to hold her for all day sleeps. Getting her to stay asleep at bedtime was becoming increasingly difficult and I often resorted to co-sleeping as a last resort.

Caroline came over for a home consult and based on observation and my daughter’s temperament was able to recommend a settling method that was appropriate and met my comfort level.

She provided a detailed plan and was very responsive to questions via text. I really appreciated our check-in calls and felt supported during the entire process. My daughter now falls asleep independently in her cot for all sleeps and I’m no longer up multiple times a night trying to get her back to sleep." - Shya

One on one consultations and downloadable sleep guides are all available online x

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