Case Study - 15 month old Arianna

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

When 15 month old Arianna transitioned to one nap, all of a sudden her night sleep fell apart. She started waking at least twice overnight. Arianna would throw her dummy and comforter out of the cot and scream. Mum was spending up to 2hrs trying to rock her back to sleep, which sometimes ended with them both falling asleep on the couch in the lounge room.

To say Mum was exhausted is an understatement. The broken sleep was starting to take a toll on everyone. They had tried everything to help Arianna sleep better, but they couldn’t work out why she was waking and taking so long to go back to sleep.

After our initial phone consultation, we put together a plan where we slightly adjusted her nap, making it later and longer. We also brought Arianna’s bedtime earlier to help her adjust to having just one nap a day. We then decided on a new re-settling method, as rocking Arianna was just too stimulating for her at this age.

On night one Arianna only woke once and resettled in less than 40 minutes. By night four, she was sleeping through the night.

Sometimes it just takes a few small adjustments and a little consistency to see some big changes.

Arianna now starts her day happy and Mum feels confident and empowered to support Arianna's sleep, no matter what life throws at them.

Here's what Arianna's mum had to say.

"Caroline was recommended to us through a friend and I am so thankful I finally reached out to her when I did! I felt like an empty shell. I was so sleep deprived I could hardly think let alone function. My now 16month old would be waking every 2-3hrs and often take 1-2hrs to resettle - this was happening for months and months. I would wake up crying every morning wondering how I was going to get through the day.

After a thorough and personalised consultation, some wonderful tips and regular check ins with Caroline - we now have our 16month old sleeping through every single night. She will sleep 12hrs solid and have a good 2-2.5hrs nap in the day.

Caroline is gentle with the techniques she uses, she listens to what will work for you but gives constructive advice on what needs to be done.

I could not recommend Caroline highly enough to any family who is having troubles with their baby’s sleep. She has been a lifesaver for our little family and we are forever grateful! Thank you so much Caroline! XX" - Rachel

One on one consultations and downloadable sleep guides are all available online x

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