Express Phone Consultation

Your child is already a pretty good sleeper, however they may have an early morning wake you just can't crack, or they struggled through a nap transition, or perhaps their sleep regressed when you brought home a new baby.

This consultation is a 30-45 minute phone call where we can discuss your current concerns and come up with some solutions for you to put into place immediately.

You will also be emailed a copy of my Feed and Sleep Routine Guide (3 weeks - 3 years) at the end of the call, valued at $9.95.

This consultation doesn't include a written plan or follow up support, so make sure you have a pen and paper ready.


Platinum Phone Package

The ultimate support package. Feel safe knowing you have access to one on one mentoring while you build your confidence reaching your sleep goals and continuing healthy sleep habits long into the future.


  • Detailed questionnaire and sleep assessment

  • 40-60 minute phone consultation

  • Bespoke sleep plan

  • Close follow up support for up to 2 weeks while we reach your goals

  • FREE lifetime membership to Sleep Central - our support village

  • Bonus Feed and Sleep Routines up to 3 years.