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Better Sleep Guides

4-8 months
9-18 months
18 months to 2.5yrs (coming soon)

Designed for busy families who are ready to make positive changes around their baby's sleep. These sleep guides are ready to download instantly so you can start your journey to better sleep TODAY!


Are you looking to establish healthy sleep habits and routines for your baby?

These eGuides are full of information about how to achieve great sleep, day and night for you and your little one.

  • How to set up strong sleep foundations

  • Dummies and Swaddling

  • Secure attachment

  • Physical Development

  • Setting up day and night routines

  • Night weaning

  • Nap transitions and catnapping solutions

  • Nutrition for better sleep

  • Settling methods for teaching independent sleep (including gentle options)

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Early Morning Wakes

Can't seem to stop that tedious 5am wake up call?


The solution is here!


Your child is not broken, I promise. You are not destined to rise with the sun forever.


Discover WHY your baby or toddler is waking early and WHY it's so hard to get them back to sleep at this time of day.


This guide will help you troubleshoot your little one's morning wake up and includes 5 strategies for you to choose from along with plenty more tips and tricks.


Purchase and download INSTANTLY to start working towards a well deserved sleep-in today!


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Feed and Sleep Routines

This guide provides comprehensive feed and sleep routines for newborns 3 weeks old through to toddlers 3 years old.


Perfect for families who love routine but don't know where to start.

Do you have a toddler and a newborn? This one guide will help set up a routine for both!


The suggested routines work in line with your little one's natural sleep rhythms to help acheive more restorative, quality sleep.


  • Help tackle early morning wakes

  • Know when to transition to fewer naps

  • Encourage longer, restorative sleep

  • Best times for milk feeds and when to offer solids

  • Help prevent over tiredness which can cause frequent night wakes

Purchase and download instatntly to start your new routine today!


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