The first 12 weeks

Bringing home a newborn, whether it be your first or fifth child is an exciting time.

Before we even bring our bundle of joys home, we are bombarded with helpful (or not so helpful) advice from anyone and everyone. We are told to prepare for the sleepless nights and warned that sleep deprivation is inevitable.

While there is some truth in the fact that you will experience broken sleep in the early weeks of your baby's life, you are not signing up for a lifetime of chronic sleep deprivation.

Strong sleep foundations can be introduced the day your baby is born. It's never too early or too late to build healthy sleep habits.

With a gentle and nurturing approach, you can set you and your baby up for sleep success.

I do not advocate sleep training for newborns, however, by creating a safe and sleep conducive sleep environment, following age appropriate awake windows and understanding your baby's tired signs you will be able to establish the foundations needed to promote the primal need for restorative sleep. 

My Newborn Sleep Guide is a comprehensive eBook which covers everything you need to survive the first 12 weeks, and guides you through setting up strong sleep foundations and gentle settling strategies.


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For one on one newborn consultations and personalised sleep plans with follow up support, I offer comprehensive email & phone and consultations.